ピアノ・ギターなどを演奏して歌うのが私の趣味です。最近、私はVocaloid楽曲の英訳版を歌い始めました。私のチャンネルを見てくれてありがとう! 是非、私の音楽を聴いて楽しんでください! ♥

Hello! My name is Rachel. I am an English Vocaloid cover artist and musician partnered with Fullscreen. I sing songs from many different vocaloid banks and collaborate with various vocaloid composers to produce professional quality English tracks of their work.

I am always happy to answer questions in my askbox, but please review my FAQ post as I may have already answered it for you.

Current Music Choice

"Kotobatolaborato (English)"
by 『rockleetist 』 (Original: daniwell)

Thank you for your kindness and gracious contributions! I can't express my gratitutde for all donations that I receive; they not only help in maintaining my channel and music expenses, it aids in covering costs of travel during convention season when I visit panels.

Want me for a vocaloid panel at your event? Please feel free to Contact Me.


This blog is my spirit animal.  Keep fighting the good fight.

“First I wanna say I love your voice so damn much and that you're covering Mr. Saxobeat; one of my favorite songs. You're wonderful, keep it up! Xoxox”

Thank you for listening!  I will try my best!


I drew Rockleetist! yay!!

This is too cute!  Thank you! I love fanart!


I drew Rockleetist! yay!!

This is too cute!  Thank you! I love fanart!

“Hey I just wanted to say I love your singing and congrats on you partnership with YouTube!! (=^w^=)”

Thank you!  Partnership’s been a real treat for me and I hope to continue with it for many years!

“You're the best Vocaloid cover artist every, I love all of your covers and your voice is so beautiful! I was wondering if you'd be able to cover 'Hirari, Hirari' or 'Rugrats Theory' at some point? I hope I'm not causing any trouble to you. *bows*”

Fanmail is never troubling.  I love getting them!  I’m familiar with Rugrats Theory, but it’s a little dark for me.  Also, thank you for the compliments!

“Yo! I recently found you and Ashe's bad apple cover, and wanted to say that you have a lovely voice! C:”

We are an awesome-sauce mixture of cake and delicious music, I think.  Also, thank you!

Grand return from Summer Hiatus with fresh new Electro-Pop!

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