ピアノ・ギターなどを演奏して歌うのが私の趣味です。最近、私はVocaloid楽曲の英訳版を歌い始めました。私のチャンネルを見てくれてありがとう! 是非、私の音楽を聴いて楽しんでください! ♥

Hello! My name is Rachel. I am an English Vocaloid cover artist and musician partnered with Fullscreen. I sing songs from many different vocaloid banks and collaborate with various vocaloid composers to produce professional quality English tracks of their work.

I am always happy to answer questions in my askbox, but please review my FAQ post as I may have already answered it for you.

Current Music Choice

"Kotobatolaborato (English)"
by 『rockleetist 』 (Original: daniwell)

Thank you for your kindness and gracious contributions! I can't express my gratitutde for all donations that I receive; they not only help in maintaining my channel and music expenses, it aids in covering costs of travel during convention season when I visit panels.

Want me for a vocaloid panel at your event? Please feel free to Contact Me.





(Coming soon to Google Play)
There are many songs about heroes; but what of their princess? 
After a six month endeavor, I am proud to put my first original single into the public arms of friends, family, and subscribers!

I cannot be thankful enough for all of the incredible positivity and kindness from my listeners; those that made this the real deal— and I hope that as we move forward, everyone will continue to support me and my music. 


Happy Easter to all my friends, family, and followers!

This blog is my spirit animal.  Keep fighting the good fight.

“First I wanna say I love your voice so damn much and that you're covering Mr. Saxobeat; one of my favorite songs. You're wonderful, keep it up! Xoxox”

Thank you for listening!  I will try my best!


I drew Rockleetist! yay!!

This is too cute!  Thank you! I love fanart!


I drew Rockleetist! yay!!

This is too cute!  Thank you! I love fanart!

“Hey I just wanted to say I love your singing and congrats on you partnership with YouTube!! (=^w^=)”

Thank you!  Partnership’s been a real treat for me and I hope to continue with it for many years!

“You're the best Vocaloid cover artist every, I love all of your covers and your voice is so beautiful! I was wondering if you'd be able to cover 'Hirari, Hirari' or 'Rugrats Theory' at some point? I hope I'm not causing any trouble to you. *bows*”

Fanmail is never troubling.  I love getting them!  I’m familiar with Rugrats Theory, but it’s a little dark for me.  Also, thank you for the compliments!

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